Here you will find both live videos, as well as the official videos that accompany the tracks on Tellinger & Fresk’s CDs

The following are videos from the latest Tellinger & Fresk album, “As Long As You’re Living.”

This was a fan video. It didn’t capture the entire performance of “Sleeping Bee,” but certainly caught the infectious groove of the song.

‘It’s Gotta Be Today’, from our CD, Deuce.

Another fan video. Messing around at the Red Tin Roof, Riebeek-Kasteel, during our 2017 Cape tour. One mic, “old-school” style.

‘Like Something Good’, a Tellinger original from the Deuce album.

With a little help from Barbora’s University of Pretoria Jazz Vocal Ensemble – ‘It Don’t Mean A Thing If it Ain’t Got that Swing”.

‘River of Despair’, from the Deuce album. A Tellinger original.

Live concert footage. Featuring Tellinger’s university vocal ensemble on her original composition,’ What Women Do”.

An early live version of possibly our biggest hit, ‘Please Acknowledge’.

‘Part Time Love’, from Jazz Live 2012.