Tellinger & Fresk have performed as a duo, quartet, and with big swing bands. The following unsolicited endorsements show that their level of artistry and professionalism has met with an enthusiastic response and a call for return performances.

Their musical co-operation is sublime. They perform with ease and grace & with the assured confidence of experience they swing or croon with an unique and wide range of musical reach and repertoire. My audiences were on their feet, entranced and enchanted.” – Saul Bamberger, Recitals at Glenshiel. [email protected]

Tellinger and Fresk are not only two of the most professional artists I have ever had the pleasure to work with, but they are also consummate musicians and experts in the field of jazz. Barbora is a fabulous vocalist and her beautiful voice combined with John’s excellent piano playing make for an evening of fabulous, feel-good entertainment. The warmth of their personalities and the ease with which they work through the great jazz standards leaves one wanting more. And the cherry on top is that they are always willing to share their vast combined experience with students and newbies. Fantastic stuff. Looking forward to many more years of collaboration.” – Charl van Heyningen Enterprises, promoter/producer.

This project offers a strong relevance to the jazz art form, exemplary merits in terms of performance, and value in repertoire development. Classic and original material is performed and recorded by an experienced vocalist and performer who has a deep understanding of how to use her vocal technique, as well as how to phrase, develop, and interpret each song. “ – Dr. Gloria Cooper, Associate Professor of Music, Long Island University.

It’s a special kind of musical ‘maturity’ that makes them so delightful to watch! If one indulges occasionally in the familiar crowd-pleasing nostalgia of standards (beautifully executed), one is roused just as quickly by virtuoso moments from Fresk and Tellinger – original compositions, arrangements one didn’t see coming, and a sense that, even in the event of the wildest audience ‘request”, they’d  have it up their sleeve.” – Mark Legward. Arts Reviewer, RSA.

I have known Tellinger and Fresk for many years and have the greatest appreciation for their talent as jazz musicians. When Tellinger sings it feels as if this is exactly how the great jazz composers intended their songs to sound. And when Fresk plays, you cannot imagine a better jazz pianist anywhere. Together they are magical. And when they swing the whole club swings with them and suddenly everyone is happy! I cannot get enough of these guys!”

As regards the musical and creative merits of the performance, Ms Tellinger’s musicianship is undisputed. Vocal shading in the singing and interpretation is a significant feature. Further subtlety comes from the variety of accompaniment of quality – what can also truly be termed collaborative musicianship.” – Emeritus Professor Caroline Van Niekerk, University of Pretoria.

Ms Tellinger has produced a creative work that merits much praise. The performances match that of any successful jazz vocalist on the international market.  The professional level of both the performers is exemplary and consistent with what performances should be at the highest level.” – Harold R. Mortimer; DMA, MM, Distinguished Professor of Musical Theatre Performance, University of Oklahoma. [email protected]

Loved every minute! So proud that we have jazz of this calibre in our country… and from someone like Barbora Tellinger who has helped school some of our newest South African musical acts, now making waves!” – Moira van Niekerk, Jazz Arts Collective

Ms. Tellinger really is TEACHING the audience by demonstrating that jazz is truly a multi-dimensional genre that cannot be narrowly defined, but rather may take many different forms, tempi and styles. She has displayed wonderful technical and musical ability with this performance, and a clear vision for inspiring students to pursue excellence as vocalists within the jazz and jazz-influenced musical idiom.” – Jennifer Barnes, Professor, Vocal Jazz Studies, College of Music, University of North Texas.

Barbora and John are share an incredible chemistry, which is quite clearly evident when they perform. Barbora’s beautiful voice and classy renditions of the jazz greats reminds one of how jazz should sound. John is quite frankly the best jazz pianist I know with an immense repertoire and exquisite sense of style. And when this classy couple swing the whole club swings.  This joyful duo will put a smile on your face and a song in your heart.” – Dr Clorinda Panebianco, Senior Lecturer, Department of Music, University of Pretoria, (27) 012 420 5382

Ms. Tellinger’s outstanding vocal technique, sense of pitch, jazz scatting and rapport with her pianist, John Fresk, is evident, and her warm and vibrant personality glimmers throughout the entire performance. This comprehensive performance takes the audience on a journey through several styles and is an impressive example to any aspiring vocalist or ensemble musician.” – Nadia Burgess, Associate Professor, Sydney University.

Their music will stand the test of time. If you’re a fan of classic jazz tunes Tellinger & Fresk will be soul food for years to come.” – Diane De Beer, The Star newspaper.

“Barbora Tellinger used to be the ‘girl’ everyone hired for her technical ability to sing (literally) anything given to her, and more . It gave me such pleasure to see her recently, so gracefully returned to her roots as a classically-schooled jazz vocalist and supported by the stunning talents of John Fresk. It’s a  jazz match made in heaven. Brava! Please come back soon.” – Andrew Bass, Producer, Cape Town

As the creative director of Olympia Jazz Café I have produced in excess of 200 shows, and I have worked with Tellinger & Fresk on a number of occasions. It’s always a pleasure with such professionals. John’s prowess, Barbora’s vocal abilities and sheer oomph always has my audiences on their feet and wanting more. When they swing it’s a magical thing.” – Paul Kahanovitz, Olympia Jazz Café +27 82 892 0350