House Concert 15

Dear Friends,

It’s been a great pleasure to present our House Concerts for our ever-growing community of fans. So we continue, with our ninth House Concert of 2022 and our 15th overall!

We’ll be joined for the first time by Pavel Obermajer on guitar, who has been a friend for some years. We met Pavel in his capacity as the dramaturg for Chodovsky Tvrz and he’s a very busy teacher and concert artist. We’re joined again by bass player extraordinaire Petr Dvorsky, who is familiar to our listeners.

Come and join us in our spacious Smíchov loft apartment. We were sold out quickly for our last House Concert, #14, so use the form below to send us your contact information and book a seat. There are two 40-minute sets, we have a terrace, good wine is included, and as always, good company and brilliant music.

Please fill out the form below for more information.